Sunday, 1 March 2015

Weekly Fashion Trend - Fringing.

Fringing is everywhere. Watch a fashion show and you are almost guaranteed to see some fringing. Gucci, Prada, Burberry and Tom Ford to name a few seem to have embraced it for Spring/Summer 2015. I love a bit of fringe...adapt it to your wardrobe and our climate by looking for a kimono or skirt with subtle fringing details. Accessories are a great way to embrace this trend with a earrings, shoes and bags all adorned with fringing...H&M is fabulous for this trend, they have loads of inexpesnsive and affordable options. 

If you are looking for boho chic this trend is definitely the way to go! Wear it with your jeans and booties or some tan wedges. If it more 20's glam or Studio 54 you're after, add some shimmy and shimmer to your fringing. Which ever you choose, make sure you get fringing in your fashion...Gucci never gets it if you wear it now you will definitely be ahead of the fashion pack and the fashion season! Now that certainly is fashionable!

(All images courtesy of  Pinterest)

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