Sunday, 16 August 2015

Style Tip - Fabulous & Beyond (FAB)

I'm starting a new series on the blog called FAB - Fabulous & Beyond...A grown-up guide to looking FABulous every day! I've just entered my forth decade and realised I have no idea what 40 is "supposed" to feel like let alone dress like???

I work in fashion, I love fashion and I am surrounded by fashion everyday, all day...yet, I don't want to look like an airbrushed teenage model with a waistline the size of my forearm or have my face motionless and I'm very much on the voluptuous side and that's why I have decided to chat to you each week about "grown-up" fashion.

There is a whole generation of woman who are independent, intelligent and happy just the way we are! We don't want to be patronised by unrealistic images of what we are supposed to look like. We want to look beautiful and natural as we progress along...

"Plus" size models are finally getting some recognition...not nearly as much as they deserve and it still makes me laugh as to what the fashion industry perceives as "plus" size - your average size 12-14 woman...Research shows that the key consumers within the fashion industry are woman between ages 40-50! Woman who are affluent, financially independent, sophisticated and woman who are not threatened by advertising campaigns and photoshopped magazine editorials...

Woman of our age and beyond live longer, stay fit and healthy, look after ourselves and take care of our appearances. Woman with a lifelong interest in fashion don't just switch off the minute they reach a certain age...We are the same woman that read fashion magazines, stay current with the latest fashion trends and we are a tremendously powerful demographic.

Clothes can be really empowering, fashion can be really empowering and in the words of George Burns - "Young. Old. Just words." There is something really attractive about a woman who is confident about her age and style.

We need to stop dismissing woman as past-their-sell-by-date...mature is the new young!

I am 40 and I am happy with that...I strongly believe you don't have to be young to have style - it comes at every age. It's not about age but about mindset and with that thought I will leave you with this...You are never to old for silky pyjamas, leopard print, big sunglasses, the highest heels, a bright lipstick, skinny or ripped jeans, pilates/yoga, statement earrings and the latest fashion trends!

Let's be inspired to remain stylish forever!

(Inspired by the book Stylish Forever by Alyson Walsh and images courtesy of Pinterest)

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