Monday, 31 August 2015

Style Tip - FAB Snippets of Style...

In this week's Style Tip FAB series I'm talking about elements of for everyday life. 

Accepting who you are and being comfortable in your own skin comes with age and is part of grown-up territory. A decent hairstyle, well applied make-up and the right clothes for your style personality, can make every woman look gorgeous...

When choosing clothes ask yourself:
  • How does it fit me?
  • Are the proportions correct for my shape?
  • How does the colour make me feel?

The artist Sue Kreitzman once said "don't wear beige, it might kill you", however you can wear beige with a strong colour like red or leopard print - the new black and a neutral in my opinion...

When wearing colour think about:
  • Blocks of colour in similar shades
  • Monochrome with a pop of colour in a primary shade
  • Sticking to one colour from top to bottom
  • Pastel shades don't really belong in a grown-up closet - too girlie...

Layering can easily look frumpy and sloppy instead of elegant if not done right...when you layer your outfit you need to coordinate and choose colours or prints that work together...get it right and look sassy and modern, get it wrong and look like a bag lady...

Choose accessories according to your personality and lifestyle. Anyone can wear a scarf, but not everyone can carry it off...

Wearing jewellery is all about expressing yourself...personal style constantly evolves and develops and jewellery is an easy and fun way to express your personality. Jewellery and accessories can bring your outfit to life. When is comes to fashion there is definitely a time when it becomes more about longevity than the latest "must-have" course fashion is all about personal taste, personality and knowing what you do and don't like no matter what age you are.

Certain trends like trainers for example is best left on the sport field...On the other hand sunglasses are a grown up fashion staple and has become a modern-day necessity for various fashionable and age related reasons...

Iris Apfel, the 95-year old fashionista with a penchant for accessories and her maximalist bohemian style said:

"If you don't know who you are and you copy someone else's style, then that's sad. You must learn who you are and dress to suit your personality. I never care how old anyone is. I don't know why woman are afraid of it? It's hard work getting to know yourself - the biggest fashion faux pas is to look in the mirror and see someone else" - wise words from a very wise lady...

Try and stay current and interested in fashion and trends, just mature and progress along with it...pieces of clothing have different lives in our wardrobes, they tell a story...your story.

Now, lets try and change the world one sequin at a time as Lady Gaga once famously said...

(Inspired by the book Stylish Forever by Alyson Walsh and images courtesy of Pinterest)


  1. Awesome tips. Nope, still no beige.... love Iris soooo much. Zoe xx

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    1. Thanks you! Beige is a love/hate colour I think...

  2. Totally disagree - pastels are for people who can wear them, whatever their age.

    1. I think pastel is not always flattering and quite "girly"...but that might be because I'm a "rock chic" deep down xxx