Sunday, 6 September 2015

Style Tip - FAB Style Tribe...

Welcome to week 3 of my FAB series...this week I want to know - what is your Style Tribe? When we can buy what we want instantly, anytime, day or night though 24 hour online shopping, trends become irrelevant. Now its all about is a work in progress, doing your own thing and being an individual.

Casual Glamour - This is my Style Tribe - relaxed glamour, effortlessly blending day and night the modern way...reliable everyday basics with a "showbiz" piece added for a touch of drama, a look-at-me-standout-piece. In today's fashionable world, shimmer and shine, animal print and embellishment can be worn everyday. Think diamante and denim, khaki and leopard print, sequins and stripes. Adding a little sparkle and bling to your everyday basics is the key to casual glamour with elegance.

Image courtesy of Unique Image on Polyvore

My tips for achieving Casual Glamour in your everyday style are:
  • Pile on the accessories
  • Add pops of colour to your basics
  • Be confident, creative and care how you look
It's all about dressing for yourself in a modern way, always looking polished and investing in a quality wardrobe that is part of your style DNA. The grown-up woman is elegant with discerning taste, knows what suits her and ensures her clothes fit...Although we would like to believe that effortless style comes naturally, we all know it requires effort...Don't follow trends religiously, but  rather know fashion, play with your accessories and spend time on yourself. Grow older with dignity, style and a wardrobe full of effortlessly cool clothes, that are timeless, trend-defying and chic.

What I have learned about fashion:
  • Every outfit needs a "showbiz" item
  • Don't wait for an "occasion", wear your clothes anytime
  • Wear what you like
  • Avoid match-matchy
  • Buy good quality lingerie
  • Buy gorgeous shoes
  • Ignore the rules
I'm a stylist, I like being creative and experimenting on myself. As Nick Wakeman - the London based Creative Director of Studio Nicholson once said "I spent my 20s not knowing anything, my 30s working it out, and I'm going to spend my 40s using what I know." She also said "When I turned 40, I stopped caring what people think of me. I will wear what I feel amazing in." Great advice and my style motto from now on!

Nick Wakeman
Fabulous NY stylist and fashion model Linda Rodin said "forget about the wrinkles and focus on the silhouette" yourself, everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde

(Inspired by the book Stylish Forever by Alyson Walsh and images courtesy of Pinterest)

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