Sunday, 13 September 2015

Style Tip - FAB A little bit of vanity...

As we get older our maintenance levels increase...we need to find time to look after ourselves a bit more, pay attention to ourselves and take responsibility for ourselves...this week, in our FAB series, I'm talking about our beauty routine as we age and get older. 

I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that - Lauren Bacall. 

Wise words from a beautiful woman. There are no miraculous products out there promising instant facelifts or Botox without the actual knife or needle...but a great skincare regime really does help. We need to take 5 minutes and be nice to ourselves. We need to take care of the whole package, instead of "obsessing" over the tiny details. Our skin is the single most powerful asset we have. Having regular facials with facial massage is a great way to stimulate muscles, improve the circulation and get the skin glowing. Treat your skincare routine like a ritual not a chore...

When it comes to make-up, there isn't one formula - we all have different faces, complexions and personalities...these are my quick fixes:
  • Do your research and find a skincare and make-up brand to fulfil your needs
  • Concealer is your greatest weapon when it comes to concealing dark circles and hiding tired eyes
  • Make the focus your eyes and use an eyeliner you love and feel comfortable using
  • Use a blusher to add some colour to your complexion
  • Find a lipstick colour and brand you love and stick with it
  • The easiest, quickest and cheapest way to stay in "fashion" is to buy a new nail polish

Coco Chanel said - beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself...there is definitely a growing community of woman who believe that looking and feeling good, doesn't involve looking younger...but we still have a long way to go. When it comes to ageing beautifully and gracefully, we must try and remember to dress who we are now, not who we were...

The invisible accessory that defines your style is perfume, it has a magical ability to pull our whole look together with the spritz of a scent...word of caution: try not to overspray. 

What I've learned now I'm in my 4th decade...
  • Take a little extra time getting ready
  • Less is more
  • Keep moving
  • It's worth paying a little more for a decent haircut
  • Get your eyebrows shaped and tinted by a proffessional
  • Look for the right product that suit you and your needs
  • Use a decent mirror

I will leave you with these words from Kay Montano - the London make-up artist that has worked with all the biggest and best magazines, photographers and models in the world - "What would I say to my 15 year old self? My 15 year old self wouldn't have listened"

(Inspired by the book Stylish Forever by Alyson Walsh and images courtesy of Pinterest)


  1. Love the Kay Montano quote - that's brilliant!

    Have to disagree though - sticking to one lipstick is something that can make you look older and set in your ways.

    1. Maybe that's just me...set in my ways and a creature of habit for sure! I only have 3 lipsticks I use, and I always replace them when they finished...with the same shade and the same make every time without fail!