Monday, 21 September 2015

Style Tip - FAB Wardrobe Building Blocks...

This week in the FAB series, I'm talking about wardrobe blocks...the pieces we use to build an amazing wardrobe. Staple pieces we wear almost every day and return to again and's the confidence you get from finding clothes and accessories that work in your "real" life, not just on the runway and in fashion magazines. These pieces are reliable, figure-flattering's definitely my grown-up, fuss free, everyday "uniform."

As you get older its all about streamlining and redefining your style. Over the years we have figured out what suits us and what we like - now it's time to exploit our personal style to the max.

Trends don't matter to me...what's important is wearing what I like and what makes me happy - I have said this many times course I know the latest trends, follow fashion very closely and work with fashion everyday, but I won't wear something that's in fashion and doesn't suit me or doesn't make me happy...if it does...bonus! I choose confidence boosting clothes that fit and flatter me and makes me feel fabulous. On the basis of this comes effortless style...

These are my style basics,

  • Shoes that I can actually walk in - it doesn't matter the style or heel height, just make sure you can walk in them...we all know its impossible to be fabulous when you feet hurt.
  • A good quality denim shirt - it goes with everything and adds instant chic appeal, plus its timeless. For everyday glamour, slip on a denim shirt with a leather pencil skirt or a pair of leather pants.
  • Slim fit black pants - the quality of the fabric and the perfect cut are the most important factors.
  • Everyday denim jeans - denim adds attitude and energy to your wardrobe.
  • A great suit jacket - worn with jeans, a great top and some gorgeous heels, instantly pulls your whole look together and looks effortlessly glamorous and elegant.
  • A great pair of wedges - my go-to shoe when I want the height, comfort and glam factor...

Maturity and life experience has a strange way of giving you confidence, which is very elegant. George Elliot said "It's never to late to be what you might have been", so use your maturity and confidence to wear what you love and what makes you happy!

Parting wisdom from Lauren Hutton "Fashion is what you offered four times a year by designers, and style is what you choose"

Till next week...stay glamorous!

(Inspired by the book Stylish Forever by Alyson Walsh and images courtesy of Pinterest)

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